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Some of our considerable references


Description of the task






Participation in the adaptation of the Siemens electronic interlocking system for Tata railway station. Tasks: preparation of the system plan for a Siemens S5-115F PLC based redundant controller, programming the PLC, installing and testing the system. Preparation of maintenance handbooks, training of the maintenance personnel. 

Hungarian State

Stellwerk Ltd.




Participation in the validation tasks of the Paks NPP reactor protection system refurbishment project. Preparation of dependability analysis cases (fault-tree based, MIL-HDBK-217F based etc.). Preparation of testing strategies and test programs.

Paks Nuclear
Power Plant Ltd.

Hungarian Academy of
Computer and Automation 
Research Institute




Participation in the application of the Siemens KWU's nuclear engineering system. The location of the work: Offenbach am Main (near to Frankfurt am Main).



Technical University of
Department of Control
and Transport Automation





Beside the above listed references, the publications of the head of the company, Mr. Geza SZABO act also as references. The list of the publications can be found at the head of the company page


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